Beginning of Everything…

Goodness of God…

A lady came up for prayer, and as she began to share her story, my heart was moved with compassion for her. She was having a normal week, until Wednesday, when suddenly she had developed severe abdominal pain and was taken to the hospital. Upon close examination it was discovered that she had advanced stage cancer that had spread all through her stomach area. “You are done!”, she heard the words spoken by the doctor. Even after taking heavy medication she was still in a lot of pain when we started to pray with her. God is so good and when He shows up good things happen! She experienced God’s healing touch in her body and all the pain in her stomach area was gone!

Faith is a Foundation…

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”, Hebrews 11:1. Paul is not giving a definition of what faith is, in this passage of scripture, but rather describing what it does. Faith is the assurance. The word the King James Translation uses here is substance. In the Greek language that word is “hypostasis”, literally meaning “a standing under”, or in other words, “that which underlines what is apparent”, creating a real sense of something fundamental and substantial like a foundation.

Beginning of Everything…

Faith is the foundation of what we hope for. It is the foundation of our relationship with God and the basis on which we attain everything contained in His promises. Faith is the beginning of everything that truly matters in the Kingdom.


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Husband, daddy of three girls with another baby on the way, musician, associate minister
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One Response to Beginning of Everything…

  1. cayersn says:

    Thats is an inspiring story. Even if she would not have experienced healing it is important to remember, “To live is Christ and to Die is gain.” Thank you for sharing.

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